Photograph without solarium.


Amanthis Bullitt Smith Jungbluth,
second wife of Karl Jungbluth
Waldeck porch, circa 1900.
Possible Kate Matthews photograph.

Waldeck, Circa 1890.
Photograph by
Kate Matthews, 1870-1956
Handwritten by Miss Matthews on album page:
“Night drops her sable curtain, and pins it with a star”.


Waldeck Mansion was built in 1888 by German immigrant, Karl Jungbluth (1848-1928).  Mr. Jungbluth came to America as an interpreter and became President of the McAndrews & Forbes Tobacco Co., where he developed the licorice flavoring in chewing tobacco that is still used today.  During the 20 years Mr. Jungbluth owned Waldeck, he was a gentleman farmer, commuting to Louisville for his primary occupation.  Mr. Jungbluth established the very successful thoroughbred operation, Waldeck Stud; breeding and training the 1903 American Derby winner, The Picket.  Former winners of the American Derby included the famous Whirlway, Citation, and Swaps.

Waldeck was sold to Clara and Diederich Meschendorf in 1908.  Mr. Meschendorf owned the Old Times Distillery in Louisville, and was widely considered the foremost whiskey authority nationwide, as the “Whiskey Advisor to the President”.  Mr. Meschendorf advised Presidents (Theodore) Roosevelt and Taft regarding whiskey laws, and persuaded President Taft to support a law to expand the definition of whiskey to include blends.

Subsequent owners of Waldeck included Bruce Head (1917), Judge Charles Dawson (1932), and L. D.  Rawles (1941).  The Rawles family owned Waldeck for three generations until 1984.  The Rawles’ primary business was lumber, but they produced some of the finest Polled Herefords in the area.  Business partners and friends, Clyde Tidwell and David Gleason purchased Waldeck in 1984 and expanded the farm from approximately 1,000 acres to more than 1,400.  Tidwell and Gleason raised championship registered Angus until 1998 when Waldeck was purchased by David Gleason and then converted to a grain production.  Much of its corn, rye, and barley is sold to a neighboring distillery for whiskey production.  The 8500 square foot mansion now provides a picturesque setting for wedding receptions and other formal events.

Waldeck Owners

Karl Jungbluth - 1888

Diederich Meshendorf - 1908

Bruce Head - 1917

Judge Charles Dawson - 1932

L.D. Rawles - 1941

David Gleason - 1984 to Present